Sunday, February 1, 2015

#43 - Huesday - Ferosh

I have been in and out of SL due to RL. Back in April 2014, I came back from a long hiatus and Absinthe, god bless her, welcomed me back and invited me to her project, Ferosh, a bi-annual publication.

I only managed to make one picture for the pilot issue, and the pilot issue was jaw-dropping fantastic. I could not wait to start on the next issue.

This is the spread that I made for the second issue of Ferosh in October 2014. Do check out the mindbogglingly insanely amazing second issue here for volume 1 and here for volume 2.

Style Card

Hair: Yong by Monso
Glasses: 8 Bit Glasses by Etham
Headphones: Eargasm Headphones by Mandala
Shirt: Casual Shirt M4 by Kal Rau
Vest: Vest Collection by Kal Rau, Scarf
Cotton Scarf by Milk Motion
Skin: Dash by Theskinshop

Cap: VK Logo Cap by Vale Koer
Hair: Hairbase 02 by Lanevo
Glasses: Cross Sunglasses by David Heather
Ears and Earrings: Steking Ears by Mandala
Hoodie: Hoodie by Akeyo
Backpack: Rammus Leather Backpack by Zenith
Pants:  Skinny 02 by Amerie
Hands: AvEnhance Hands Male by Slink

Beanie: Basic Beanie by Xiaj (now Xin by superjaix)
Cardigan: Cardigan by Orion
Backpack: VK Backpack by Vale Koer
Shorts: Zack by Fatewear

Hat: Urban Trapper Hat by Aitui
Glasses: Randy by Revanche
Scarf: Wide Scarf by Mr Poet
Cardigan: The Fall Cardigan by Etham
Pants: Biotech Pants by Fruk

Scarf: Long Scarf by Kitt Ragu
Cardigan: Long Cardigan by Scars
Shorts: Baggy Shorts by Gizza

Hair: Jirou by Taketomi
Hair Base: Hairbase 02 by Lanevo
Glasses: FFS by Sorgo
Scarf: VH-Stole by Sey
Suit and Shirt: O Suit by Wai
Bow Tie: Classic Bow Tie by Adjunct

Style Card (on the "Strangers")

Fedora: Fedora by Akeyo
Glasses: Teflon by Sorgo
Suit: XIV Collection by Kauna

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#42 - Illuminated - Featuring Epia

This isn't exactly a blogpost but rather an attempt at making new avatar portrait, but I was wearing a sweet coat from Epia and I was thinking I might as well blog this :) This is a customizable coat with color options for both coat and scarf, and also the scarf is optional. Do quickly check out The Mens Dept where this is being released!

Style Card

Outfit \ Epia \ Candy Coat (The Mens Dept)

Skin \ TheSkinShop \ Hunter
Hair \ Taketomi \ Jirou
Hair Base \ Lanevo \ Hairbase
Eyes \ Fate \ FATEeyes v2.0

Saturday, May 10, 2014

#41 - Human - Featuring Xiaj, Kauna, SORGO, ZE-Men

Many exciting releases and I'm excited.

Xiaj released its X Collection it is just so cool. You can check out the lovely photobook here where I also modeled for one of the outfits. Amazing original mesh work by the super talented Jaix!

Kauna also released XIV collection, and the quality is breath-taking. If you ever need a suit or a formal shirt, Kauna features a huge range of customization that allows mix-and-matching of colors for blazers, shirts, pants and accessories. The shirt featured here is available at Fameshed.

SORGO creates masterpieces of shades and glasses that are just sick. I love the detail work and the oh-so-damn-cool factor of these shades and glasses. Also check out Zanze's release of Colby Coat, which is a really cool jacket.

Style Cards

Outfit #5 (Middle)
Shirt \ Kauna \ XIV Tweed Suit @ Fameshed

Bow Tie \ Kauna \ XIV Accessories: Paisley Copper

Skin \ TheSkinShop \ Dash
Hair \ Taketomi \ Jirou
Hair Base \ Lanevo \ Hairbase
Eyes \ Fate \ FATEeyes v2.0

Outfit #4
Outfit \ Xiaj \ Brooklyn

Shades \ SORGO \ Issa Shades
Ice Cream \ Ur.Favorite.One \ i scream, you scream (previous Arcade)

Outfit #6
Jacket and Shirt \ Zanze \ Colby Coat 
Pants \ Zanze \ Colby Pocket Jeans

Cap \ Remarkable Oblivion \ SwagTastiCap

Outfit #7
Coat \ Xiaj \ Albany Outfit

Shades \ SORGO \ Ark Shades
Cigarette \ PFC \ Cigarette 

Outfit #2
Jacket \ Kauna \ XIV Jacket: Plaid Thistle
Shirt \ Kauna \ XIV TShirt

Necklace \ SORGO \ Misbaha
Bag \ Xiaj \ Eenie Leather Bag
Outfit #3
Outfit \ Xiaj \ NYC

Headphones \ Remarkable Oblivion \ Amped Headphones
Shades \ SORGO \ Akira Shades
Bag \ Xiaj \ Meimei Satchels

Outfit #1
Jacket \ Kauna \ XIV Tweed Suit
Shirt \ Kauna \ XIV Shirt

ShadesSORGO \ Telon Shades
Tie \ Kauna \ XIV Accessories: Striped & Plain Olive

Outfit #8
Outfit \ Xiaj \ Buffalo

Shades \ SORGO \ Teflon Shades