Saturday, June 13, 2015

#44 - A Liberation of Hibernation - Ferosh

I woke up to see a couple of things that absolutely made my day.

1) Ferosh Summer Trend 2015 is finally released

2) My picture is on the cover of the magazine

I was beyond surprised and floored and shocked and grateful and honored and everything. I did freak out for a while. I'm incredibly grateful to the Ferosh team and greatly honored to be included in this issue. Please check out the magazine:

Hair: Seed by Ink, Skin: Kyu by Hermony, Eyes: Fateeyes by Damien Fate, Earrings: Dagger by Fusion, Beard: Monster Beard by Spellbound, Facial Hair: Scruffy by Theskinshop, Shirt: XIV Shirt by Kauna, Bow Tie: Classic Bow Tie by Adjunct, Hands: Hands by Slink, Cup: Chocolate Choux Teddy Cup by Lisp, Flowers: Vintage by Lode, Shrubs: Shrubs by We re Closed

Hair: Masato by Taketomi, Beard: Jared by Emotions, Hairbase: MC Hairbase Buzzcut by Lanevo, Earrings: Takayama Face Ear Piercing by Mandala, Shirt with Suspenders: Romana by Spirit, Bag: Bulletbag by Clavv, Tattoo: Veeper by Reckless, Pants: Loose Fit Skinny by Kitt Ragu, Bracelet: Runes of the North Ice Bracelet by Eudora 3D, Cigarette: Cigarette Pattern by Nikotin

Hair: Jay by Monso, Facial Hair: Black Chin Curtain by Emortal Concepts, Beard: Dandy Beard by Xplosion, Shades: Rack Shades by Sorgo, Cardigan: Mr & Mrs Lee Cardigan by Xiaj, Butterflies: Butterfly Winter by Cheerno

Hair: Dura Boy 56 by Dura, Beard: Beard V1 by Dossier, Suit: Classic Suit by Zaara, Shorts: Casual Shorts by Kitt Ragu, Tattoo: Rio by Reckless, Flowers: Double Young Sakura by 8f8

Sunday, February 1, 2015

#43 - Huesday - Ferosh

I have been in and out of SL due to RL. Back in April 2014, I came back from a long hiatus and Absinthe, god bless her, welcomed me back and invited me to her project, Ferosh, a bi-annual publication.

I only managed to make one picture for the pilot issue, and the pilot issue was jaw-dropping fantastic. I could not wait to start on the next issue.

This is the spread that I made for the second issue of Ferosh in October 2014. Do check out the mindbogglingly insanely amazing second issue here for volume 1 and here for volume 2.

Style Card

Hair: Yong by Monso
Glasses: 8 Bit Glasses by Etham
Headphones: Eargasm Headphones by Mandala
Shirt: Casual Shirt M4 by Kal Rau
Vest: Vest Collection by Kal Rau, Scarf
Cotton Scarf by Milk Motion
Skin: Dash by Theskinshop

Cap: VK Logo Cap by Vale Koer
Hair: Hairbase 02 by Lanevo
Glasses: Cross Sunglasses by David Heather
Ears and Earrings: Steking Ears by Mandala
Hoodie: Hoodie by Akeyo
Backpack: Rammus Leather Backpack by Zenith
Pants:  Skinny 02 by Amerie
Hands: AvEnhance Hands Male by Slink

Beanie: Basic Beanie by Xiaj (now Xin by superjaix)
Cardigan: Cardigan by Orion
Backpack: VK Backpack by Vale Koer
Shorts: Zack by Fatewear

Hat: Urban Trapper Hat by Aitui
Glasses: Randy by Revanche
Scarf: Wide Scarf by Mr Poet
Cardigan: The Fall Cardigan by Etham
Pants: Biotech Pants by Fruk

Scarf: Long Scarf by Kitt Ragu
Cardigan: Long Cardigan by Scars
Shorts: Baggy Shorts by Gizza

Hair: Jirou by Taketomi
Hair Base: Hairbase 02 by Lanevo
Glasses: FFS by Sorgo
Scarf: VH-Stole by Sey
Suit and Shirt: O Suit by Wai
Bow Tie: Classic Bow Tie by Adjunct

Style Card (on the "Strangers")

Fedora: Fedora by Akeyo
Glasses: Teflon by Sorgo
Suit: XIV Collection by Kauna