Sunday, October 25, 2015

#45 - A Crossbreeding Intrigue - Ferosh

 Photo Credit: Cicada (Flickr Link)

Ferosh has just released another absolutely amazing issue and I am just so humbled to be part of it. The talent is so bonkers high and every page just makes me gasp. Do check out the Ferosh Autumn 2015 issue here!

Beanie and Hair: Robin by Monso, Scarf: Kiffyeh Scarf by Xplosion, Scarf: Stole by Scars, Jacket and Shirt: Wekleh Jacket by Fe Style

Hat: Urban Trapper Hat by Aitui, Glasses: Billionaire by Sorgo, Skin: Kyu by Hermony, Facial Hair: Black Chin Curtain by Emortal Concepts, Jacket: Fresh Jacket by Nmonkey, Shirt: Aloha Shirt by Shiki

Hair: Jirou by Taketomi, Shirt and Vest: A Vest Story by Bakaboo, Pants: Cray Cray Pants by Bakaboo, Bracelet: Pyramid Watches by Cashmere & Keane, Hands: AvEnhance Hands Male by Slink, Bag: Satchel Bag by The Bubblegum Tree

Hat: Fedora by Akeyo, Shades: Balisto by Sorgo, Scarf: Long Scarf by Kitt Ragu, Scarf: Harry by Fatewear, Shirt: Shirt Classic by Sorgo, Pants: My Slim Jean by Monso 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

#44 - A Liberation of Hibernation - Ferosh

I woke up to see a couple of things that absolutely made my day.

1) Ferosh Summer Trend 2015 is finally released

2) My picture is on the cover of the magazine

I was beyond surprised and floored and shocked and grateful and honored and everything. I did freak out for a while. I'm incredibly grateful to the Ferosh team and greatly honored to be included in this issue. Please check out the magazine:

Hair: Seed by Ink, Skin: Kyu by Hermony, Eyes: Fateeyes by Damien Fate, Earrings: Dagger by Fusion, Beard: Monster Beard by Spellbound, Facial Hair: Scruffy by Theskinshop, Shirt: XIV Shirt by Kauna, Bow Tie: Classic Bow Tie by Adjunct, Hands: Hands by Slink, Cup: Chocolate Choux Teddy Cup by Lisp, Flowers: Vintage by Lode, Shrubs: Shrubs by We re Closed

Hair: Masato by Taketomi, Beard: Jared by Emotions, Hairbase: MC Hairbase Buzzcut by Lanevo, Earrings: Takayama Face Ear Piercing by Mandala, Shirt with Suspenders: Romana by Spirit, Bag: Bulletbag by Clavv, Tattoo: Veeper by Reckless, Pants: Loose Fit Skinny by Kitt Ragu, Bracelet: Runes of the North Ice Bracelet by Eudora 3D, Cigarette: Cigarette Pattern by Nikotin

Hair: Jay by Monso, Facial Hair: Black Chin Curtain by Emortal Concepts, Beard: Dandy Beard by Xplosion, Shades: Rack Shades by Sorgo, Cardigan: Mr & Mrs Lee Cardigan by Xiaj, Butterflies: Butterfly Winter by Cheerno

Hair: Dura Boy 56 by Dura, Beard: Beard V1 by Dossier, Suit: Classic Suit by Zaara, Shorts: Casual Shorts by Kitt Ragu, Tattoo: Rio by Reckless, Flowers: Double Young Sakura by 8f8

Sunday, February 1, 2015

#43 - Huesday - Ferosh

I have been in and out of SL due to RL. Back in April 2014, I came back from a long hiatus and Absinthe, god bless her, welcomed me back and invited me to her project, Ferosh, a bi-annual publication.

I only managed to make one picture for the pilot issue, and the pilot issue was jaw-dropping fantastic. I could not wait to start on the next issue.

This is the spread that I made for the second issue of Ferosh in October 2014. Do check out the mindbogglingly insanely amazing second issue here for volume 1 and here for volume 2.

Style Card

Hair: Yong by Monso
Glasses: 8 Bit Glasses by Etham
Headphones: Eargasm Headphones by Mandala
Shirt: Casual Shirt M4 by Kal Rau
Vest: Vest Collection by Kal Rau, Scarf
Cotton Scarf by Milk Motion
Skin: Dash by Theskinshop

Cap: VK Logo Cap by Vale Koer
Hair: Hairbase 02 by Lanevo
Glasses: Cross Sunglasses by David Heather
Ears and Earrings: Steking Ears by Mandala
Hoodie: Hoodie by Akeyo
Backpack: Rammus Leather Backpack by Zenith
Pants:  Skinny 02 by Amerie
Hands: AvEnhance Hands Male by Slink

Beanie: Basic Beanie by Xiaj (now Xin by superjaix)
Cardigan: Cardigan by Orion
Backpack: VK Backpack by Vale Koer
Shorts: Zack by Fatewear

Hat: Urban Trapper Hat by Aitui
Glasses: Randy by Revanche
Scarf: Wide Scarf by Mr Poet
Cardigan: The Fall Cardigan by Etham
Pants: Biotech Pants by Fruk

Scarf: Long Scarf by Kitt Ragu
Cardigan: Long Cardigan by Scars
Shorts: Baggy Shorts by Gizza

Hair: Jirou by Taketomi
Hair Base: Hairbase 02 by Lanevo
Glasses: FFS by Sorgo
Scarf: VH-Stole by Sey
Suit and Shirt: O Suit by Wai
Bow Tie: Classic Bow Tie by Adjunct

Style Card (on the "Strangers")

Fedora: Fedora by Akeyo
Glasses: Teflon by Sorgo
Suit: XIV Collection by Kauna