Monday, May 13, 2013

#29 - Will You Still Love Me - Featuring JLB, Shiki, Gizza, Xiaj, Sorgo, Zoom, Identity Body Shop, CheerNo and Tableau Vivant

I just want to apologize for putting the blog on hold as I am preparing for my finals. There are plenty of really exciting releases and I can't wait to share them with you. I still have a couple of papers to tackle and I seek your understanding in the delays, I will slowly catch up on blogging again and will blog a lot faster once my exams are over! :P

JLB Apparel has 12 new shirts up and the plaid v-neck featured here is just one of them. Check out the store inworld! Shiki also has a new tank top and pants that are just perfect for summer. I simply adore their pattern work! GizzA released many new male outfits and accessories during Menswear Fashion Week previously and they are just wonderful. Featured here are their denim vest (with optional hood), baggy shorts and loafers which are all beautifully crafted.

XIAJ released some interesting shoes that features great texture work. And ZOOM is a relatively new shop focusing on sunglasses and they feature a great range which are really well-made. Speaking of sunglasses, SORGO has really wonderful ones that are full of character, and they are featured at the 100 Block Event.

Also, Tableau Vivant has released new skin which is very cool. CheerNo has released a range of colorful flip flops that everyone should own a pair for this summer!  Identity Body Shop has also released many new tattoos, do check them out!

Style Card


Tanktop \ Shiki \ Urban Pop Mesh Tanktop Outfit
Pants \ Shiki \ Urban Pop Mesh Tanktop Outfit
Shoes \ XIAJ \ Space Tribe Low Chucks

Shirt \ JLB Apparel \ Plaid V Tee
Jeans \ XIAJ \ Blues Skinny Jeans
Shoes \ GizzA \ Loafer Shoes

Denim Vest \ GizzA \ Men Vest Hood
Shorts \ GizzA \ Baggy Shorts 


Sunglasses \ ZOOM \ Suddenly I See
Bracelet \ Iron Claw \ Mesh Leather Wristbands Copper Cross

Hat \ Evilkyoot \ Mesh Kawaii Panda Hat
Sunglasses \ SORGO \ FFS Shades (100 block event)
Milk \ Evilkyoot \ Choklit Milk in yer Mouf
Bracelet \ Mandala \ Okaki Bracelet set


Skin \ Tableau Vivant \ Nathan
Hair \ Dura \ Boy*37
Facial Hair \ Emortal Concepts \ Black Chin Curtain
Tattoo \ Identity Body Shop \ Fallin Apart
Hands \ CheerNo \ Mesh Hand * Relaxed

Skin \ the body co \ Sky
Tattoo \ Identity Body Shop \ Loyal Soul
Facial Hair \ Valiant & Sacred \ 2.0 Chin Strap v2
Hands \ CheerNo \ Mesh Hand * Relaxed

Skin \ the body co \ Sky
Hair \ Burley \ Gosling
Feet \ CheerNo \ Feet V.3 Fit Mesh


Dock \ Cheeky Pea \ Bae Dock
Rug \ .lame \ Maiko's Cuddle Rug
Flip Flops \ CheerNo \ FliFlop_Spring
Skateboard \ Epic \ Kawaii Hazard Skateboard

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