Saturday, April 12, 2014

#38 - What Does the Fox Say - Featuring The Mens Dept, Remarkable Oblivion and More

Whenever The Mens Dept opens I cry a little. A little because of happiness and a little because of my wallet. It is a place where you spend all your money because everything is so good and then go borrow from family and friends to buy more. Shopping > Family and Friends :P

Remarkable Oblivion has always been one of my favorite brands and I'm always excited with their super high quality releases. Check out their awesome headsets in the shape of rabbit and cat ears at Fameshed, another designers feature event that makes lindens cry.

This image is kinda inspired by the song The Fox. It is currently my favorite karaoke song with friends to scream out rubbish during the...rubbish parts hahaha. A number of the animals used here are from gachas from Birdy., which are really well-made.

Style Card

Shirt \ Orion \ Flannal (The Mens Dept)
Shorts \ Fatewear \ Grylls
Shoes \ JD \ Sydney (The Mens Dept)

Headset \ Remarkable Oblivion \ Super Bass RAB 8 (Fameshed)
Watch \ Cashmere&Keane \ Pyramid Watches
Neck \ Birdy. \ Foxy Neck Snuggler
Tie \ Mandala \ Smexy Tie Necklace
Bracelet \ Mandala \ Okaki Bracelet
Ring \ Gabriel \ Curb Chain Ring (Facebook Limited Gift)
Wings \ Remarkable Oblivion \ Elysium

Tattoo \ Aitui \ The Bombing at Pearl Harbor (The Mens Dept)
Skin \ TheSkinShop \ Dash
Hair \ Taketomi \ Jirou
Hair Base \ Lanevo \ Hairbase
Eyes \ Fate \ FATEeyes v2.0
Hands \ CheerNo \ Mesh Hand

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