Sunday, June 2, 2013

#31 - Shine Bright - Featuring The Arcade

What can I say? The Arcade is here. I freaking love The Arcade. It always make me so wet (well, I'm in water in this picture after all). In my opinion it is the most fun event in SL, as people flock to Gacha machines and mortgage their houses for money for a chance to win cute things. Who cares about living in the streets when you have this extremely adorable orange panda floatie? It is all worth it. Check out The Arcade today or if you can't because the sim is full (which happens 99.99% throughout the day), you can visit their shopping guide to ogle and drool at all the products available and finalize your mortgage details.

Style Card

Shorts \ GizzA \ Baggy Shorts 

Necklace \ Fruk \ SafeGuard Chain
Headphones \ Fashionably Dead \ Radio Headphones (The Arcade)
Shades \ Conspiracy Theory \ Cat Glasses (The Arcade)
Bracelet \ Baiastice \ Piramid Studs Leather Cuff (The Arcade)
Hat \ Sleepy Eddy \ Adventure Hat (The Arcade)

Skin \ the body co \ Sky
Hair \ Taketomi \ Zayn
Facial Hair \ Valiant & Sacred \ 2.0 Chin Strap v2
Tattoo \ Identity Body Shop \ Fallin Apart
Feet \ CheerNo \ Feet V.3 Fit Mesh


On Boat
Boat \ Mdrm \ Wood Boat
Husky \ Zooby \ Ultimate Zooby Gray Husky
Corgi \ Silentsparrow \ Corgi! (The Arcade)
Bird \ Vespertine \ Fabric bird (The Arcade)
Picnic Basket \ Elate! \ A Posh Picnic (Rare) (The Arcade)
Guitar \ Standby Inc. \ World Tour (The Arcade)

In Water
Animal Floaties \ Miamai \ Floaties (The Arcade)
Grapes \ Elate \ A Posh Picnic (The Arcade)
Wine \ Elate \ A Posh Picnic (The Arcade)

On Dock
Dock \ Cheeky Pea \ Bae Dock
Flip Flops \ CheerNo \ FliFlop_Spring
Bag \ Deco \ Kelly Tote (The Arcade)

Trees \ We're Closed \ Trees 01 Summer

Everything in The Arcade is beautiful and shiny.

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