Sunday, June 23, 2013

#34a - Yin and Yang - Featuring AVENUE

This is the first time I had done a spread for AVENUE magazine and I am releasing the pictures in three separate posts, so stay tuned!

AVENUE Magazine dedicates our June 2013 issue to a special cause: LGBT Pride Month and the Stand4Love Campaign. We are excited that many of the features in this issue center around LGBT business owners and community members and their allies. Read all about it & more here:

Style Card

Jacket \ Mr.Poet \ Flying Jacket
Pants \ .Shi \ Herri Meggings

Pipe \ Adjunct \ Churchwarden Style
Shades \ Zoom \ Suddenly I see
Earrings \ Fusion \ Imperial Cross
Tie \ Mandala \ Smexy Tie Necklace 
Bag \ WTG \ Cheshire Cat II

Skin \ the body co \ Sky
Hair \ Burley \ Sirah II

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