Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#33 - Let's Go To The Beach | With Josiah - Featuring the Arcade, JLB Apparel, JLB-Aision

A lovely summer day spent with Josiah (left). Visit his blog at

It's summer time happiness and what better way to spend the day by heading down to the beach? Of course, before heading there there's no harm in getting some Arcade goodies to make your day a sure hit ;)

Josiah is holding this marvelous rare surfboard from Tabloid's gacha at The Arcade. Did a shark just take a bite out of his surfboard? Surely that's a good reason to head back into the waters again! I look forward to be easy shark bait with my duck swim ring from Sway's that I got from The Arcade, but before I die I would reflect on a good last meal of ice cream from (yes, from The Arcade as well). I would certainly miss our beautiful beach home (rare) from Alouette though.

I am also excited to announce that I am currently working on clothing design under the brand JLB-Aision (store opening really soon!). Meanwhile, I am collaborating with Josiah from JLB Apparel to release Zenshi exclusive summer clothing at his Zenshi store. I am wearing an open front shirt that features a texture-changing hud providing 6 different color options. Complimentary shorts, like the one worn by me here, are available as well, also featuring a texture-changing hud :)

Meanwhile JLB Apparel has also released various summer clothes, including this adorable layered t-shirt and shorts that Josiah is wearing They also feature texture-changing huds, with the shirt having 4 color options and the shorts having 6. Check out the store to see even more designs of the shirts and shorts!

Arcade Items (Visit The Arcade)

Beach House, Louge Chairs, Hammock, etc. \ Alouette \ Full Set

On Josiah 
Shoulder Bird \ Vespertine \ Songbird 
Bracelet \ Boom \ Knit Friendship Bracelet
Surfboard \ Tabloid \ Shark Attack - Rare

On Ocean
Ice-cream \ Ur.Favorite.One \ I scream, you scream
Swim Ring \ Sway's \ Swim Ring [Quack]
Bracelet \ Baiastice \ Triple Stars Small Leather Cuff
Sunglasses \ Pididdle \ Bottle Cap Shades
Bag \ ASO! \ Alphabet Marine Bag

Style Card

On Josiah (visit his blog for more styling details)
Shirt \ JLB Apparel \ Summer Layered Tee
Shorts \ JLB Apparel \ Plaid Beach Shorts

On Ocean
Shirt \ JLB-Aision \ Tropical Summer Shirt (JLB Zenshi Store exclusive)
Shorts \ JLB-Aision \ Tropical Summer Shorts (JLB Zenshi Store exclusive)

Necklace \ Fruk \ SafeGuard Chan
Earrings \ Mandala \ Takayama Face&Ear Piercing

Facial Hair \ Valiant & Sacred \ 2.0 Chin Strap v2
Hair \ Taketomi \ Zayn 
Tattoo \ Identity Body Shop \ The Hive (at He and She Event)
Hands \ CheerNo \ Mesh Hand * Relaxed 

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