Sunday, March 10, 2013

#14 - Style - Featuring Remarkable Oblivion

I am loving this newly released badass cap from Remarkable Oblivion for SL Fashion Week. The details are absolutely fantastic and features a wonderful resizing script that allows you resize the entire cap or the XYZ axis individually so that it fits perfectly!

Style Card

Cap \ Remarkable Oblivion \ SwagTastiCap - White
Earring (Left Ear) \ WTG \ Dragon Fes earpierce
Earring (Right Ear) \ Mandala \ Takayama Face&Ear piercing
Nose and Lip Piercing \ Hebenon Vial \ Beast [Ink]
Necklace and Tie \ Mandala \ Smexy Tie Necklace(cross)
Ring \ Remarkable Oblivion \ Bitch Ring
Bracelet \ Sey \ leather bangle "Sun"

Bird \ Grizzly Creek \ Free E Tree Sparrow (Free)

Skin \ the body co. \ Sky
Facial Hair \ Fruk \ The Goat beard
Facial Hair \ Emortal Concepts \ Black Chin Curtain
Tattoo \ Sleepy Bozer \ Diamonds Are Forever
Hands \ CheerNo \ Mesh Hand * Relaxed

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