Thursday, March 7, 2013

Style Collab #13 - Weeeeee! Sorgo, Fatewear and The Arcade

Josiah Lee Baxter and I decided to do collaboration style where we feature our new sponsor SORGO and various Arcade items. These lovely new sweaters from SORGO feature prints on them that are just fabulous, and they are also very well-made. I am also loving the skates from The Secret Store which comes with an animation AO so that your avi actually skates in them!

For Josiah's style card, please visit his style blog! <3
For information regarding the Arcade check out my previous post.

Arcade Items (On Ocean Blackthorne)

Bag \ Miamai \ TCS_Handbag_Fox BW
Roller Skates \ The Secret Store \ Vintage Roller Skates
Wearable Toy \ D-Lab \ Residents Sheep
Wearable Toy \ D-Lab \ Residents Hamster

Style Card (On Ocean Blackthorne)

Sweater \ Sorgo \ Phantoms Sweater
Shorts \ FATEwear \ Shorts - Zack - Ocean
Socks \ Erratic \ Striped Socks Black-Grey

Sunglasses \ Gos \ Custom Eyewear - Goscan
Earrings \ Mandala \ Stretched EARS-OMIMI
Piercing \ Hebenon Vial \ Male Mod: Beast [Ink]
Headphones \ To Be Unique \ DJ-H2 
Necklace \ Gabriel \ Angel heart Necklace (Group Gift)
Gloves \ 1st Act \ Shock Touch - slate
Ring \ Remarkable Oblivion \ Bitch Ring

Skin \ the body co. \ Sky
Hair \ Anaphora \ Bro_Smokie (Retired)
Eyes \ Fate \ FATEeyes v2.0
Ears \ Mandala \ Stretched EARS-OMIMI 
Facial Hair \ Valiant & Sacred \ Facial Hair V2
Facial Hair \ Fruk \ Heavy Stubble

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