Monday, March 18, 2013

#19 - Happy Bitch Day - Featuring CheerNo and Tableau Vivant

I am enjoying these new adorable Candy T-shirts from CheerNo that features cute cake art with hilariously bitchy statements. I am wearing one that says "Happy Bitch Day". There's also "Suck My Cake" and "My Life Is Bored With You" and many others!

Also featuring Hoodie Cape from Tableau Vivant that is available at The Liaison Collaborative. It is really a hooded jacket that only the hooded part is worn over the head while the rest of the jacket is unworn so it forms some sort of cape behind which is really cool. It comes along with a cap which you can turn it on or off, and it features color change options for the cap and the inside of the cape!

Style Card

Hoodie Cape \ Tableau Vivant \ Mo hoodie cape (at The Liaison Collaborative)
Shirt \ CheerNo \ Tee_Fit Candy
Pants \ GizzA \ Rolled Pants [Green]

Glasses \ HOC Industries \ Neon Sunglass  
Necklace \ Fusion \ Dagger set
Earrings \ Hebenon Vial \ Pierced! Ears [Halloween Pack] Ink
Piercings \ Hebenon Vial \ M:Against the Stream
Bracelet \ Sey \ leather bangle "Sun"
Ring (Left Hand) \ Kosh \ Hibernation Ring

Skin \ the \ Sky
Hair \ CheerNo \ Hair_Danny Darks bought hair
Eyes \ Fate \ FATEeyes v2.0 
Ears \ Hebenon Vial \ Pierced! Ears [Halloween Pack] Ink
Facial Hair \ Fruk \ The Goat beard
Facial Hair \ Emortal Concepts \ Black Chin Curtain
Hands \ CheerNo \ Mesh Hand * Relaxed
Tattoo \ Sleepy Bozer \ Diamonds Are Forever

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