Saturday, March 2, 2013

Style #9 - Eye on Accessories

I just got these mesh eyes from FATE and they are gorgeous. The hud that comes along with the eyes allows rather extreme customization, from colors to textures to shines and even veins. There are rather crazy stuff you can do to these eyes (pupil shapes, glow, etc.) and they have an excellent demo system that you can play with before deciding on getting them. These may just be the pair that you will ever need. Oh, you can also control the movement of eyes using their hud as well, which is an excellent feature for photographers.

Style Card

Earring (Right Ear) \ Mandala \ Takayama Face & Ear piercing
Earring (Left Ear) \ WTG \ Dragon Fes Earpierce
Lip Piercing (Modified) \ Hebenon Vial \ MALE MOD: Beast
Necklace \ Sey \ Greed Necklace

Skin \ the body co. \ Hunter II
Hair \ Taketomi \ Zayn
Eyes \ Fate \ FATEeyes v2.0
Facial Hair \ Fruk \ The Goat beard
Facial Hair \ Emortal Concepts \ Black Chin Curtain 
Tattoo \ bleak \ Out of The World

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